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A group, “Hiroshima LOVERS,” who love traveling and the people of Hiroshima.
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Kana Harazoe

With smile and a heart for hospitality, Let's have the greatest trip together


Hotels! Hiroshima!
A Hiroshima trip that’s guided by me

Kohei Shimamoto

Decorating your memories by creating exciting spaces


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Kana Harazoe
I moved to Hiroshima in 2019 and have been living here ever since. I was born in Kagoshima, and have lived in Fukuoka, as well as studied abroad in the Philippines and Canada. My hobby is yoga, and I’ve obtained my instructor qualification in India. I worked at a traditional Japanese inn in Miyajima and came to love Hiroshima through the connections I made with the people here. Living here has revealed many new discoveries that I would not have known about otherwise. I hope that you feel the same excitement throughout your stay here.
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Solo travel
I am a Sanuki-Girl that was born in Tokyo and raised in Kagawa. I moved to Hiroshima for university, and I’ve lived here for over 10 years since. You can discover so many new things in Hiroshima even after living here for years! The rivers and open sky are some of my favorites in the city. I love the special atmosphere of hotels, and I’ve been working as a hotelier for a long time. It would be my pleasure to assist you with your daily routines during your stay here.
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Visiting Art Museums
Kohei Shimamoto
I used to be a teacher, but I started working as a hotelier since I love interacting with people. I’ve played baseball from middle school all the way up to high school, so I love both playing and watching sports. Hiroshima is a prefecture where sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball, and volleyball are thriving, which is amazing for sports lovers like me! My communication skills are definitely my strength. I love making a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. I’m working hard every day so that guests will want to come and visit me at the hotel!
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Watching Sports
Finding new foods and drinks